by Anil Mathai

2016 and Before

Primary – Two simultaneous processes

1) Caucus/Assembly Process; open to all Republicans who attend on caucus night.

2) Petition – (If any Republican candidate qualified with Republican voter signatures.)

3) June of even year: Republican ballots prepared with Assembly candidates listed first.

4) Republicans mailed R ballots. Those Republicans actually voting are involved.

Post 2016

Primary – Same as 2016 and earlier except now Unaffiliated electors can participate in #4 above.

September 2021

IF we Opt Out, then we still have a "primary" as defined earlier but only limited to item #1 or a hybrid of our developing. Only for all registered Republicans. Partial Primary.

IF we sue to overturn legislation and win, then items #1 and 2 of 2016 are reinstated. Full primary.