August 20, 2021

Former Secretary of State and current Colorado Springs City Councilman and Wayne Williams is reportedly being considered to serve as the “designated election official” for Mesa County, Colorado following the unwarranted raid on Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters’ office ordered and directed by Secretary of State Jena Griswold.

Secretary Griswold’s raids were without merit, and seemed designed to frame a dedicated county official and Gold Star mom for security violations that actually occurred within the Secretary of State’s office. 

The appointment of Colorado Springs City Councilman Wayne Williams to any position in Mesa County also seems questionable and ill-advised.   As evidence compounds daily that the 2020 elections were replete with fraud, the confidence of the citizens of Colorado will not be restored by empowering a former Secretary of State responsible for bringing the suspect and vulnerable Dominion Voting Systems to Colorado.   Williams is also is a consultant to the Runbeck Company, whose role in the 2020 election is under scrutiny by investigators.   

Colorado Springs City Councilman Williams has called on Clerk Tina Peters to resign.  He has no grounds nor evidence to make such a demand.  In doing so, he has discredited himself by presuming Clerk Peters to be guilty – not innocent, as is the American legal standard – based on Jena Griswold’s shaky press conference and her Gestapo-style raid that has failed to produce a warrant, an affidavit, or an inventory of property seized.  Griswold’s raid has also failed to produce any evidence of wrongdoing by Clerk Peters, which further invalidates Mr. Williams’ inappropriate demand. 

Colorado Springs City Councilman Wayne Williams’ current position, to which he was elected in 2019, is the management of Colorado Springs, a city of 500,000 residents nearly 300 miles east of Mesa County.  It would be a disservice to residents of Colorado Springs if Mr. Williams were also under contract with a county on Colorado’s Western Slope.  

This is a remarkable compilation of conflicts of interest and questionable judgement, and we urge the Mesa County Commissioners to withdraw this selection.  The public’s right to honest elections and public scrutiny of the voting processes is the primary concern of voters.  The selection of Mr. Williams in any capacity will cast additional doubt on the government’s responsiveness to the will of the people.