We are the beacon of hope for many nations. Just listen to the pleas of the victims and those trying to escape oppressive Marxist socialism around the world – the same form of government and world order the leftists in this country would have us join. Those fleeing tyranny implore us to remain free and resolute.

Joe Biden’s handlers have found a way to dim our beacon of hope to the world. With the abject abandonment of Afghanistan, America can again be viewed as unreliable, and 50 years on, we appear to have learned nothing from Vietnam. Who would benefit from such disastrous withdrawal, other than a foreign entity that wants to take over our role as the dominant world power? The Democrat Party does not gain by having this disaster hooked to their dogtags. The question has to be asked: Who owns and operates Joe Biden? And while he sits in the Oval Office, who owns US?

It is embarrassing to learn Biden’s idiot minions begged the taliban not to destroy our embassy in Kabul, so we might have a place to negotiate with these radical religious zealots who are stealing young girls as sexual servants and killing citizens who worked to improve conditions in Afghanistan.

Within that same region, Biden’s regime has reportedly begged foreign oil producers for more oil. The United States built a robust, conscientious oil and gas industry through the capitalist system, and with the labor and skill of those many men and women, we earned our energy independence. We were beholden to no one. Until Joe Biden was installed. Who benefits from American dependence on foreign oil?

The Democrat Party does not benefit by the rapid spike in gas prices and the pending shortages. Who benefits from high gas prices and rampant inflation that destroys the American middle class?

Border crossings have reached such a frenzy that Biden regime internal memos are sounding alarm the current rates are unsustainable. When the very group with no concern for border security suddenly shows concern, we should stand up and take notice. The ship must truly be taking on water, and it won’t remain on the surface much longer. Already, enough undocumented immigrants have entered the US in 2021 they would make the 10th largest city in the US if assembled in one place. And that’s in the first 7 months of 2021. Not to worry: Joe Biden’s handlers are flying and bussing these undocumented immigrants throughout the nation, hoping we won’t see the unsustainable spike, nor notice the burdens on the welfare and health care systems.

There was a working border security apparatus in place and it was only getting better. Why would the Democrat Party wish to bear responsibility for destroying it? Who benefits from such disaster?

I’ve asked several questions throughout this document. I believe we know the answer. America, we have a problem. In my assessment as an intelligence officer – offering this as a briefing, not hyperbole – we are in a new Cold War, and the enemy this time has tentacles much deeper into our society than the former Soviet Union ever did.

I contend the entity responsible for this chaotic destruction of America is the same entity that manufactures our election systems: the communist party of China, those steadfast supporters of radical Iran, tyrannical north Korea, and other disrupting forces.

Did you know 97% of our pharmaceuticals are made in China? Most of our manufacturing resides in China. China is mining nearly all of the Rare Earth Elements necessary in high technology. The United States is barely on the chart. China owns significant portions of our food and meat production, and they are buying farmland in the US at alarming rates.
I have no animosity toward the good people of China, and I hope they will soon enjoy the same freedoms of their families and friends in the heroic nation of Taiwan.

The Cp is destroying us by building hackable elections systems, then paying off the White House stooge and his “Aqualung” son for policies that NO politician in this country would support, unless bought and paid for.

This isn’t an elected president. This is an installed agent of a foreign power.

We have the proof. We have the foreign financial evidence. We have the cyber evidence. We have the ballot evidence. We have whistleblower evidence at the national level and in the State of Colorado and elsewhere. We have video evidence. We have algorithmic, and other mathematical evidence.

The Marxist Snake Media does not want you to see it, because they are owned by the entertainment and news conglomerates, which are bought and paid for by… China.
The evidence is already available, and more is compounding daily. There is no escape for those Dominion defenders from the reality that American public opinion has reached a plurality: There was election fraud. Truly remarkable, given how hard the enemy has tried to suppress the information.

If we weren’t speaking truth, Twitter, Facebook, Vimeo and others wouldn’t censor us. The Ccp-owned and influenced entertainment/news industry wouldn’t ignore the facts, nor smear those telling truth to power. Dominion would not have rushed updates to scrub data, Secretaries of State would not obstruct audits nor raid county clerk offices on questionable grounds using SturmAbteilung warrants and tactics.

And even with all that going on to suppress the truth and 1st Amendment rights, the truth is breaking free.
There is no turning back. The American People should not endure for 4 years that which was fraudulently installed by a foreign entity. There are Executive Orders in place to ensure we don’t. We are living in historic times, and perhaps some are reluctant to realize we are about to be part of history. Whether it is turbulent or divine, or both, it is on the horizon, and getting closer. Seek out unfiltered, uncensored information, and stay connected with your neighbors.

Ron Hanks is the current Representative for House District 60, comprising all of Custer, Chaffee, and Park Counties, and a portion of Fremont County.