Virginia got it right and Colorado got it wrong.

November 10, 2021
By Ben Nicholas

This past September at the State Central Committee meeting held in Pueblo, lies and stupidity ruled supreme once again.

Leading up to the meeting, a group of us crisscrossed the state telling Republicans and SCC members that we must close our primaries in order to win. The establishment Trump hating RINO’s were effective in misleading many of the SCC members about the possible adverse effects of closing our primaries. Such as “if we close our primaries, we will upset the unaffiliated voters and we will lose, if we stay in the open primary, we will surely win” and “besides, there is nothing we can do as a party” and “the unknown was just too scary because we don’t know what would happen if we opt-out”. These RINO’s surely would never have signed the Declaration of Independence!

On November 2, 2021, the people of Virginia (a deep blue state) elected a White male Republican Governor, a Black female Lt. Governor and a Hispanic male Attorney General. All three came through the unassembled assembly system created by the VAGOP who refused to participate in the open primary. As a matter of fact, the unaffiliated voters broke ten percent higher for the Republican candidates than the Democrats. Vindicating everything that we said and proving the establishment Trump hating RINO’s WRONG!

Since the passage of open primaries, we have now had four establishment chairmen. Two of which are lawyers; and yet none of the four said one word questioning the constitutionality of this law.

There was a bright spot when all SCC members with the exception of one person, finally agreed that the law was unconstitutional and that the state party should help fund a suit challenging the law. But the stunning part of these motions was that fifty-four percent (244) of the members who voted to sue the state on constitutional grounds voted to continue doing something that they just voted on as being unconstitutional. Thank God the subject wasn’t on slavery! Continuing to do something that you know to be unconstitutional is stupidity on an epic scale.

Another shocking thing that was exposed at this meeting was how the State Party’s Chairman has allowed the Bylaws Committee to go rouge. This committee does not have to establish a quorum, take minutes nor record any votes, even though the other sixty-four county parties and their respective committees must comply with this requirement. But for some reason this unique set of individuals are exempt from following any such requirements and even going so far as to ignoring the rules set forth in our bylaws.

According to the Bylaws all proposed bylaw changes are to be submitted to the SCC for consideration. All proposed changes to our bylaws from our MAGA grassroots group were killed in the Bylaws Committee without a hearing. A committee that lacks authority granted by the SCC to do so. 

It is obvious in every regard that the establishments attempt to maintain control of this party can be found in the suppression of transparency.

Within the next year we will know if the establishment side of our party was right or again wrong on the open primary question. Since the passage of the open primary four years ago our party has not won one single statewide race.

In 2024 once again, we the grassroots will pay a hefty price because our establishment side of our party refusal to fight. The open primaries will more than likely produce a set of weak Republican candidates and coupled with the election integrity issues in this state the future doesn’t look bright.

The passage of the open primaries law places the caucus after the presidential primary and our establishment supported this. Matter of fact the establishment side of our party has been trying for years to kill the caucus. The strength of the grassroots side of our party comes from the caucus. The lack of advertising caucus’s dates, time and place is the establishment RINO’s method of maintaining control of the party. It’s goal is to disenfranchise over a million Republicans.

It is actions like these from the establishment side that are destroying our party from within and that is why you as a grassroot Republican must attend your caucus and run for a Precinct Committee Person as well as a Delegate to the assemblies. As a Precinct Committee Person, you will vote for the leadership of the party. As a Delegate to the assemblies, you will vote for the candidate that will represent our party, platform and principles.  (More caucus info HERE)

If we fail to take back our party from the establishment, they will allow the Democrats to take us into a jungle primary soon and thereafter the Republican party will cease to exist.

Let’s go Brandon!

Ben Nicholas

Adams County Bonus Member