April 17, 2024
By Don Cage


It’s nonsense to me, but perhaps someone can explain why the Democrats at the state house seek to disarm the most law-abiding citizens in Colorado by outlawing certain types and calibers and features of the most popularly sold guns in America.  This is in leu of incarcerating actual criminals so they can’t commit crimes.  The only reasons I can think of are:

  1. Criminals will obey this new law, give up their guns, not commit any more crimes, and become good citizens ever-more, which is of course ludicrous.
  2. Some portion of law-abiding citizens will obey this new law and that somehow will reduce the number of guns available to be stolen by criminals, which again is ludicrous, and it makes the world a more dangerous place, and criminalizes otherwise law-abiding citizens.
  3. This is simply a charade by the Democrats to show their shallow thinking constituents that they are “doing something” even if it’s wrong, unconstitutional, and counter-productive.
  4. Some have even suggested that this is simply an attempt to begin the process of disarming everyone, turning us from citizens into subjects that are easily controlled. Surely this can’t be their thinking, can it?

At this same time, Denver is cutting $8.4 million out of police budgets to give to illegal aliens, thereby increasing the danger level to all citizens on the front range, while simultaneously attempting to make us all more vulnerable.

On 4/14 The house voted 35-27 to pass this bill with all Republicans voting against it, and surprisingly 9 Democrats also opposing it.

If you ever want to protect yourself and your loved ones in Colorado, you need to call your State Senators and Representatives and voice your objections to having your 2nd amendment rights eliminated.

Find your legislator here:  https://leg.colorado.gov/legislators.